Kim Kardashian Shares Her Criteria For Choosing Inmates

Kim Kardashian Shares Her Criteria For Choosing Inmates She Wants To Help Grant Clemency

During the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ Kim Kardashian opened up about her interest in criminal justice reform and revealed how she chooses inmates she believes deserve clemency.

Kim told her mother, Kris Jenner, “I told my dad years ago that I was really into criminal justice and he was like, ‘This will stress you out so much. You do not really want to take this on.’” As she sorted through a stack of inmate letters she’d received, she continued, “But I think now, having gotten so deep in helping Alice, I’m really motivated to get to know the law more and fight for people that deserve a second chance, like her.”

Ever since her 2018 meeting with Donald Trump to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, Kim has noticeably strayed away from her Influencer lane and put more focus on criminal justice reform. She told her mom, “I see [a story] that I feel like has a real shot and moves me, then I’ll send it to my attorneys that look over everything to make sure that it’s legitimate.”

Kris asked Kim about the clemency process, and why Kim sends certain letters to her legal team to review. ”So, they examine the case and make sure that [clemency is] even something that’s possible?” Kris asked. Kim affirmed but noted that the clemency process can sometimes take between 7-10 years.

What do you think about Kim’s new journey into criminal justice?

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