Kodak Black Issues An Apology To PnB Rock’s Girlfriend After Blaming Her For The Rapper’s Death [Video]

Kodak Black Issues An Apology To PnB Rock’s Girlfriend After Blaming Her For The Rapper’s Death [Video]

Kodak Black has apologized to PnB Rock’s girlfriend after accusing her of setting him up.

Shortly after Rock was shot and killed, many speculated that his girlfriend, Stephanie Sibounheuang, played a part in the murder. Kodak, like many others, voiced his opinion on the situation and blamed Stephanie for the rapper’s death after it was discovered she posted their location in an Instagram story.

Initially, Kodak suggested Stephanie should “kill herself” but after police released further details that proved she was not involved, Kodak had a change of heart.

On Sunday, Kodak issued an apology to Stephanie and explained why he made the comment.

“To bruh girl, I mean, sh*t, I was angry at that moment when I first heard it ’cause I had just woke up and sh*t like that,” he said. “I had just woke up that day when it happened and I had like a migraine that was killing me. And it was like, hearing that sh*t, I just went with what everybody was saying.”

Kodak continued, “Like, before I even really tried, you know, sh*t just started to come out two-three days ago. They made it seem like she posted an address and she was, something being said. At the end of the day, that’s my dog. Any one of my dogs, I don’t care ’bout your girl, I f*ck with you, you my n*gga. I could care less about her.”

Kodak ended his Instagram live by extending an apology to Stephanie for jumping to conclusions and sent her encouraging words.

“But you know, I paid my respects. I paid my respects, whatever, like that, to her. But in that moment, it was sounding like she did some bullshit, so sh*t, you know, kill yourself. But other than that, I don’t wish no bad on her and sh*t like that. So I give my apologies to her. I hope she keep her head up and all that.”

Rock was shot and killed on September 12th at a Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant. Prior to the shooting, Stephanie posted a photo of their location on Instagram and many believed it inadvertently tipped the killers off to his whereabouts.

However, later it was reported that a father-son duo were the shooters and were already in the parking lot of the restaurant when the couple arrived.

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