Lady Gaga’s Dognappers Arrested for Attempted Murder and Robbery

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed Thursday that arrests have been made in connection with the violent kidnapping of Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs, in which her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was shot and injured. A total of five people were arrested on charges that include attempted murder and robbery.

According to the LAPD, James Jackson, 18, Jaylin White, 19, and Lafayette Whaley, 27, were involved with the robbery and shooting. They have been arrested on suspicion of robbery and attempted murder. In addition, the woman who “found” the dogs, Jennifer McBride, 50, was also arrested. LAPD says McBride and Harold White, 40, the father of Jaylin White, were allegedly “determined to be accessories after the initial crime” and are being held on suspicion of accessory to attempted murder.

On February 24, Gaga’s dogwalker was shot and critically wounded as he walked the Frenchies in Hollywood. The dogs were then swept away by a male suspect, according to police.  Fischer survived the shooting and not long after Gaga offered a half-million-dollar reward for the dogs, they were returned unharmed. However, police advised the popstar not to pay out the reward as they had their suspicions.

Police initially thought the crime was some sort of gang initiation. However, they now believe the suspects actually operate a large dog-stealing ring, as French Bulldogs are a hot commodity and can be resold for tons of cash.

Video of where the dogs were dropped off in an alley days after the dognapping incident became key evidence in finding the culprits.

The popstar has not commented on the arrests.

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