Ladybass presents: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Benjamin-Ames in Shaleef and Kathy’s Wedding part 6

“Come on give me one pound for pound man, pound for pound.” Shaleef demanded for his brother as they traded punches in the ring. Jack and Shaleef were very interesting it boxing and other sports fighting sports to the point that they had made it their thing to learn a new fighting art every so often when they were kids. They both made time in their lives to have some bonding time by taking to the ring or dojo to let out some frustration or discuss other matters. This trip the Boxing gym was no different, Shaleef trying to get his brother to lose his cool in a fight so he could win and Jack working on Shaleef’s patience and going for any openings.

“I’m not sure you’re ready for that now. Besides I wouldn’t want to mess up you looks before your wedding.” Jack responded and landed another punch to the body.

“My face is not he part of my body you should be worried about, Black.” He said in response and side stepped another attempt to land a body shot.

“Oh no? You should prove it to me some time. Anyhow when the hell is this wedding?” Jack asked. He barely dodged that right from Shaleef.

“Soon very soon. Just about everything is ready oh and another thing get ready for a baby shower. Kathy is pregnant.”

“What?”Jack said momentary forgetting about the fight and Shaleef took advantage of it. He was met with a left to the jaw and right to the body.

“Don’t lose that concentration Black. I could have done worse but yeah she told me yesterday that she is pregnant.” Jack danced around the ring recovering from the recent attack but ready this time to do damage.

“Is it yours? You did let another man fuck her after all. Isn’t there a possibility that Steve is the father?” Jack asked and then went for a head shot but missed but caught Shaleef later on with a left to the ribs.

“I thought about that but given my history with Kathy I decided not to bring it up.”

“I think this time would be a better time to do so…when was the first time you two had sex anyway when you proposed or after the threesome?” Jack questioned.

“Well It kind of all happened so fast. I proposed to her at 3 or was 4 something in the morning and then we had sex. She said she think about marrying me. I went to work and called you to tell you about it. Later on I went to her office and we went for a walk and she told me that she would marry me and then I said that we should have a sort of open relationship. A fail safe in case I think I’m going to cheat and such. Then I said if she wanted another guy that it would be ok and next thing I know she said she want a threesome with Steve. I had doubts because I didn’t think it would be that fast and then the next afternoon we were all fucking.” Shaleef told him as he dodged Jack’s attempt to punch him in the face.

“Shaleef you better hope that is your baby. The time frame for that threesome in comparison to you to getting back together is really close less than 48 hours. There is a possibility that Steve is the father for your sake I hope it is yours.” Jack said and stopped his movements when Shaleef signaled that the match was over.

“I know and it’s not like I can go and ask her about it. I guess I just have to wait this one out. In any case it is my fault for mentioning having an open relationship. It’s just another mess waiting to happen besides I am looking to be a married man in two weeks. Everything thing is set up. I notified everyone and the hotels are set up so here is your heads up.”

“Thanks Shaleef….I’ll tell Kay so that she can make sure to take the time off. I’ll tell my kids as well. At least mom and dad will now be happy to know that there is a date set. Is Steve going to be at this wedding?” Jack asked as they bother got out the ring and headed tot eh showers.

“Yeah he is going to be there.”

“Isn’t that just wonderful? So…What happens if Steve is the father?”

“I don’t know. We’ll deal with it accordingly.”Shaleef answer pulling shit shirt over his head.

“Ok…Shaleef would you let Kathy sleep with Steve again? If she said that is what she wanted.”

“Yeah I would. You Jack I used to get really jealous when other men where around her. I was really insecure. It was over nothing. I cheated on her because I could and it cost me so much more than it was worth. If she wanted to sleep with Steve again it would bother me. I know she loves me and I know she knows I love her. I have to trust her just like she has trusted me. If one dick can cause a divorce than the marriage should never have been besides she has forgiven me for all my stupidity.” Shaleef admitted.

Jack nodded. What else could he say on the matter? He knew that he and Kay trusted each other dearly and that neither would cheat on the other. He knew that if they ran into any problems during their marriage it would never be about that. In Shaleef’s case he wasn’t so sure since Shaleef has a history of being unfaithful to Kathy but perhaps this threesome would bring more healing then trouble. He didn’t think that it was a good a idea for Shaleef to suggest that they have an open marriage.

“So are you bringing the boys to the dinner?” Shaleef asked.

“Yes, I am. Everyone is going including Troy so make sure you are on your best behavior.” Jack warned.

“Why me? Dad does as much ridiculous stuff during dinner as I do.” Shaleef defended.

“The last time it was you not Dad so you be on your best behavior. Please don’t make a fool out of yourself in front of everyone again.”

“I don’t plan too. Anyhow Javier’s grandfather and uncles are back in town. I think we are having dinner of something.” Shaleef mentioned.

“Oh so ….good luck with that.” Jack said. He didn’t want Shaleef to invite him to that party.

“Yeah well I said that we both come and meet them at that grill and bar….What’s the name of it again? Qui-Tons?”

“You invited me to go to your meeting with her father and brother? Shaleef…when were you going to asking me if I wanted to go?” Jack started.

“Come on Black had I asked you before had you would have said no or something and I need you there. It’s Javier Sr. and Jr. so you know that it was going to be a lot of tension in the air. I need somebody to be there for me.”

Jack huffed. He really didn’t want to get in the middle of this again. “All right, I’ll be there. Remember this when I need something from you. You better remember me doing this for you.”

“Thanks little brother. This is what family is all about.” Shaleef chimed. He was happy that he had gotten Jack to agree to go.

“HMMM so you tell me.”


“Honey, listen I’m not coming home straight away. I have some business to attend to so don’t get worried. My phone will be on vibrate so if I don’t answer immediately is because the ringer is not on. I have another meeting and it’s a late one. Oh and the boys, Horace and Jacob will be stopping by. They are going to pick up a few things and then they are going back to Ishmael’s. I won’t be home too late. I have to go now. I love you.” Jack said as he finished his message. Today he had to meet up with Angie and get everything settled. He didn’t expect the meeting to be more than two hours the latest.

“Mr. Ames, you have a call on the line. It is Ms. Pierce. She says that you are expecting her call.” His secretary informed him.

“Yes I am. I have it now. Thank you. Prepare a short list of tomorrow’s events for me and up load it on my blackberry. I’ll go over it on my way home.” Jack told her as he picked up the phone.

“Hello Angie, I was expecting your call.”

“Yes, I know. The meeting is tonight at 6:30 at our usually place.”

“I have it noted. I will see you then.”

“Good I will be expecting you to be fully armed and ready.”

“Of course I will be prepared. Angie please don’t wear that dress. It isn’t very becoming on you if you know what I mean.”

“I will see you in a few hours Mr. Jack Benjamin-Ames. I hope your wife won’t mind me borrowing her husband for a couple of hours.” She smiled at the other end of the phone.

“It is none of her concern.” He replied and hung up the phone.

Gracie walked up the stairs to her mother’s bedroom after the maid informed her that Ms. Aziz was there. She had gotten the message that she wanted to see her as soon as possible so Gracie went to class then headed to her mother’s new home. She had slept over here a few times so she had no problem finding her mother’s bedroom so only hoped that she was not entertaining any company. She moved quietly through the hall of the upstairs pass many rooms and then made a left turn to go down another hallway. The place was huge and for the most part was used by her grandfather. She knew her mother like the size of the house and like the house in general. It fit her extravagant style without going into her purse. After all her grandfather was still paying all the bills and also paying for all of her mother’s needs which included doctors visits and a personal hair dresser/make up artist. It was part of the put his daughter back together kick he was on.

As Gracie rounded another hallway she thought about her uncle’s on her mother’s side. They had always been very nice to her and she could get another she wanted from them. The ones that were married and had families of their own were always willing to house her so she could come over and stay for a long visit. She got along with all of them well enough and to them she was a relief that she was not completely like her mother. She guessed they invited her over so much or tried to get her to come see them for long visits because they were afraid she would end up with her mother’s attitude. It would never happen with her. She was far more balanced than that plus she didn’t want to lose Troy. As her thoughts went on to Troy that telling other members of her family about him would not be a good idea. A lot of them were traditionalist and they would not approve of the relationship. Her mother she feared would only see money in the matter.

“There you are my darling! I have been waiting for you.” Almira excitedly expressed herself in such a way that it made Gracie feel relaxed and slightly wary. Her mother for the most part always had something else in mind when she greeted people like that.

“Mother you look good today. Better than what was reported to me.”

“Of course I do. You know I couldn’t stand that last hair dresser. I never did like him anyway. I think I kept him this long because he had a nice ass. Beautiful scenery you know as he walks out the door but now I have a better one and he knows what to do with my hair and applies the right amount of make up when I ask him to so I know I look better. You look beautiful as always. HMMM no wait there is something different about you my dear.” Almira said as she looked her daughter over carefully.

“There is something different?” Gracie asked. She hoped that she didn’t know about Troy or that she was no longer a virgin.

“Yes there is….hmmm so hun tell me about your boyfriend. Troy is it? I think that is what your brother said. Kay’s son, your father’s new step son….you new step brother…..ah yes your dating him.” Almira started off.

“Mommy I was going to tell you but with everything going on with you. I didn’t think that it would help. “

“So that meant I had to hear it from Jay. I am guessing that your father is ok with this because if he wasn’t you wouldn’t be seeing him. Hmm I hope that you are using condoms. I would be very displeased to find that you are pregnant by him Gracie.”

“We are using condoms. I’m not stupid.” Gracie assured her.

“Well apparently you’re not smart enough to know that screwing your step brother is not a good idea. Thanks anyway for confirming that you are no longer a virgin. Now that you are a real woman you can move on to some real rich men. This thing with Kay’s son has got to stop. You are not just anybody’s daughter and I will not see you with someone who couldn’t afford to keep up with your shoe habit. Not while I am alive. Have fun with him for now but know that it’s not going to last. You have to be smart Gracie.” Almira told her firmly. “Don’t look at me like that with those eyes dear. It’s the truth and you know it. Just think how your grandfather will feel if he found out that you’re dating your step brother and then finds out about his back ground. Do you think he will be pleased? The rest of the family is not going to be I can ensure you of that so I would keep tight lipped about. Besides you’re too young to be thinking about this so seriously. He’ll break your heart or you’ll break his. That’s the way it works.”

“You’re wrong. He won’t hurt me. He loves me.” Gracie defended.

“If you say so but don’t take it to hard when it happens but until then have fun and please do not get pregnant. If you do you better get it taken care of before your grandfather finds out. You have plenty of money to go get an abortion so don’t be stupid as to think you’re going ot have a baby with him. It is not happening.” Almira finished. “Now on to brighter topics….I hear that Shaleef is finally going to marry Kathy. What year does this grand miracle happen?”


A/N: Sorry that this was delayed but my father died a couple of weeks ago so I ahve not been able to write this out like I wanted to but this post is not finished I’ll post the rest of it later.

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