Ladybass presents: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Benjamin-Ames in Shaleef and Kathy’s Wedding

“Hmmm Kay you know we have to go back to work tomorrow.” Jack said to his new wife. Their honeymoon had ended the other day but decided to stay out of the office for a couple of more days to get settled back in to their new living situation. They spent most of the time unpacking from their honeymoon and rearranging their home. Jack was willing to buy a house big enough for Kay and their children to stay in granted Jack’s oldest children had their own apartments and so did Troy. He wanted to make the place available to them if they wanted to stay over. Kay waved it off though saying that he didn’t have to do that and that Jack’s apartment was room enough for her. Jack figured the Kay really felt at home their and so was not very eager to leave. It was a big apartment or better put apartments since Jack owned the building and had the apartment above them and the surrounding apartments cleared so that their home could be expanded. Jack rather eat the cost and keep his wife happy then make a few extra dollars that he really didn’t need.

“Yes…I know. Back to the same old grind but at least I really do have something to look forward to when I get home.” She said happily and snuggled back into her husband.

“As do I my dear. As do I. Well it’ll be very busy here as the construction will be taking place but I have made sure that most of it will be done when you are at work and the boys are at school. It still will be messy here for the time being but not to worry it will not be long before everything is done and then you can decorate and arrange things however you like.”

“You didn’t have to do all this honey. Your place was big enough as it is but thank you so much. I have some ideas floating around in my head that I’d like to try.”

“Good then I’ll just focus on making sure the work that is being done is up to standard. You have to be careful will contractors these days but we have the advantage of Shaleef and Ishmael whom know a lot about these things as well as me. I know a bad pipe and plaster job when I see one.”

“Then I feel extra confident that this remodeling will be wonderful but speaking of Shaleef…Jack isn’t Shaleef and Kathy getting married soon?”

“Yeah in a couple weeks or so. Hopefully.” Jack said his mind now going to the possible calls he would get in the next few days.

“What do you mean hopefully? I thought Shaleef was determined to marry Kathy. They both seemed very happy during our wedding.”Kay said recalling the smiles on their faces and their closeness.

“Yes they seemed ready then but there is no telling what stupidity Shaleef is up to now. Trust me Kay once you get to know my brother more you’ll understand. Shaleef has the ….how should I say talent for screwing things up with Kathy on short notice. I hope that he has really changed for the better. I really do but I except him to do atleast once stupid thing before or during the wedding.”

“Like what Jack?” Kay asked. She knew a little about Shaleef’s history with Kathy but not everything.

“Oh like not inviting her father to the wedding or her brother Javier Jr. Something like that or forgetting to bring the ring. There is a lot of stuff that Shaleef could mess up. I just hope he just stays cool and agrees to whatever Kathy says. If he does that then everything should go rather smoothly.” Jack reasoned.

“I hope your right Jack but why wouldn’t he want to invite her father or brother? Is the relationship that bad?” Jack then sais something Kay didn’t understand in Arabic and shook his head.

“When Kathy found out she was pregnant she went to Shaleef and it didn’t go well. Then she went to my sister Karen whom was attending the same college at the time and then Karen went to Shaleef about it. Anyway by the time Kathy finally went to tell her parents and her brother Shaleef was very adamant in saying that it wasn’t his and it wasn’t his fault and this of course hurt Kathy very much. They were friend before all of this for years so for him to react like this was very hurtful. Anyway Kathy finally told them and her father being the military or exmiltary…aaa I can’t remember if he was still in at the time….he marched to the house that Friday night. He damn near broke down the door and pushed his way through and searched the house until he found Shaleef and dragged his ass outside. Now our father wasn’t home so it was what it was and mother has decided that she wasn’t going to interfere too much. It was a crazy night. I’ll never forget it.”

“I sure you won’t it sounds like Shaleef got the scare of his life.” Kay said trying to picture the situation.

“Hmmm yeah he did but not enough to change his attitude much but then again Kathy eventually showed up to stop her father from killing Shaleef. I think had she not showed up then Shaleef would have proposed to her the next day though but that’s just what Javier Senior did. What Junior did was something else….”

“Whoa sounds like it might have been worse.”

“Hmm depends on how you look at it. I think that Shaleef would have been better off if Dad forced him to marry Kathy in the beginning. Shaleef wouldn’t have cheated on her if he was married to her. When it comes to marriage Shaleef just don’t like commitment but he respects it. That’s one thing about him. Once he is committed to something he generally always sees it through so once he gets through this wedding I know he’ll stay committed like I did.”

“I thought you divorced Almira.”Kay said. She was sure that Jack divorced her and not the other way around.

“No. I would have stayed married to her had she not divorced me despite all the shit she put me through. I think it has something to do with how we were raised but anyway. We should get some sleep. We do have to both go back to work tomorrow.”

“Back to the same old grind again.” Kay said a little sad that their honeymoon was over. She enjoyed spending her time with her new husband and now they were going back to their busy professional lives.

“Yes but this time we’re doing it together. I have some potential clients for you. I’m sure that you’ll be able to sign them on with no problem.” Jack said with full confidence in his wife’s abilities.

“Thank you hun.” She said before she yawned.

“You’re welcome now let’s get some sleep. I said I’d call the boys in the morning before they leave to go to school from Ishmael’s.”


The wedding planning was going just like Shaleef thought it would go. He had nightmares before about having some crazy wedding planner take the run of his living room as they laid out design after design of the most ridiculously girly patterns for napkins he had ever seen. It was not turning out to be as bad as his nightmares though because to Shaleef it was a lot worse especially after he saw the price tags. He for one knew weddings could be very expensive since he had been hired a few times to built special stages and dance floors over large pool areas for past clients at their weddings but for some reason he hoped that Kathy knowing him would keep the cost down to a minimum. At least that is what he hoped but it seemed that his hopes were going to be dashed away and carried off by the Chicago wind. First off she said she wanted two weddings and this alone made Shaleef want to jump out of a window from his 30 story office building. In fact he recalled the conversation quite well in his head.

“Shaleef we should have two ceremonies. I think it will make it more convenient for both our families.” Kathy said as she put the rest of the potential ideas for their wedding in the folder.

“Two…Two weddings?” Shaleef barely choked out.

“Yes two, it’s already difficult enough to get your side of the family together without an argument or trouble from the authorities so imagine trying to get some of mine. Remember the things Jack had to go through to get your uncles in the States with all that damn security and poor Faleb was detained for two days before they let him leave the airport. Since our wedding was planned kidda of late and we know the trouble that is going to come with getting some of your family members here I figured we have two ceremonies that way the family I have that can’t make it to the first one can get to the second ceremony along with yours.” She had reasoned it all out especially after seeing the trouble that Jack had to go through besides her brother would not be able to make it for the first ceremony along with her other relatives that were spread out across the country or currently overseas on military duty.

“TTTwo …”Shaleef studdered.

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