LaVar Ball Says Zion Williamson’s Buzz Is Due To His Son Lonzo Ball’s Offensive Play; Claims LeBron And AD Are Not Built For Success

The outspoken father of the Ball family, LaVar Ball, made some outlandish comments on his son, Lonzo Ball’s first year with New Orleans Pelicans.

In a recent episode of the Load Management podcast, LaVar said the success of the Pelicans was due in part of head coach Alvin Gentry giving his son the freedom to operate the offense. LaVar also claimed that NBA top rookie, Zion Williamson, benefited enormously from Lonzo’s play, and without Lonzo, Zion would not have gained so much attention.

” Take my boy out the situation and see how much buzz you get,” LaVar said. “He’d probably still be out for the season.”⠀⠀⠀

LaVar added that Lonzo’s play was essential to help Zion’s game reach its full potential. “I don’t care how fast you can run and jump if you ain’t got nobody to get you that ball; guess what are you going to be doing? Running and jumping out there for nothing,” LaVar explained.

LaVar supported his comments by pointing out Lonzo’s former Lakers teammate, Kyle Kuzma’s decline in stats were due to the absence of Lonzo. Kuzma averaged 12.5 points per game in the 2019-20 campaign without Lonzo, versus the 18.7 ppg when he played with Lonzo, in the previous year.

LaVar also addressed the remarks made by ESPN’s analysis Jay Bilas about his youngest son, LaMelo Ball, having a” Kardashian like come up.”

” You want all your superstars to come from a humble beginning, and from the ghetto for you to like ’em? That’s basically what you’re trying to say,” LaVar said. “Who cares about Melo how he came up? With money or whatever. Here’s the thing: he came up being respectful, never seen him in no trouble.”

Outside of talks about his sons, LaVar also said the Lakers duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James are not built for long-term success.

” AD and—what’s his name—LeBron, they’re not gonna last,” LaVar said. “All you gotta do is double team AD and LeBron until they’re so tired; let somebody else beat you.”

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