Lawrence Taylor’s Child Victim Tells Story Of Sexual Beast

I have no clue how this one got past me but it is sick. In 2010, Former New York Giant, Lawrence Taylor, faced some very harsh and reputation altering allegations. A 16 year old Bronx girl by the name of Cristina Fierro claimed that she had been forced by a pimp to have sex with Taylor, was raped by Taylor. He got away with 2 misdemeanors but Fierro is not letting him make it that easy, now suing him and finally going before a court room to tell the gruesome details.

Via NY Post

“He told me I had nice, curly hair. Like his wife,’’ Fierro, who started to sob, testified yesterday in an absurd civil trial against the enormous, adulterous Taylor, 53.

The wife, Lynette, was a no-show, staying home in Florida to throw a seventh-birthday party for their son.

“He told me I was pretty,’’ Fierro testified. “He told me where he resides at. He told me he has kids.

“Whenever there was silence, he told me to take my dress off,’’ Fierro said, again dissolving into tears. “He was persistent.”

Taylor pleaded guilty to two wrist-slap misdemeanors — sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute — for taking advantage of the underage girl in a sleazy hotel room in 2010. He was sentenced to six years’ probation by a judge who’s an obvious football fan. He also got a place of honor on the national sex-offenders registry.

Taylor, also known as LT, insists that the sex with the minor was consensual.

You can imagine how Fierro felt lying with a horny player more than twice her size and age, and a dozen times her strength.

“He was lying on top of me. I said I can’t breathe. I was pushing him away from me.’’ Taylor attempted to give the child oral sex, but she said “No!’’ and he stopped.

She said she asked Taylor to put on a condom. But the doofus couldn’t quite do it. “It’s my first time,’’ Cristina whimpered. “He didn’t care . . . It was really painful.’’

At age 14, Fierro’s mom went to prison. Her dad was absent. She settled in the home of Rasheed Davis, the man who sold her body to Taylor for chump change, $300.

On cross-examination, Taylor’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, confronted Fierro with the results of the rape kit she underwent in a hospital. She’d been with a second man, though it’s unclear who that man was.

Taylor ended the quickie sensitively. “He had money in his pocket,’’ said Fierro. “He said, ‘Here. Turn the TV off when you leave.’ ”

Davis, now serving seven years for sex trafficking, took the $300.

The condom was found on the scene and DNA proved it was Taylor’s. Taylor still maintains that he did not know Fierro was 16 at the time. His past record of drug abuse etc make him not so believable.

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