Layzie Bone And Offset Exchange Words Over “Biggest Group In The World” Claims

As if the “King Of R&B” mess wasn’t enough, now the debate is on for the best rap group in the world…and Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs And Harmony and Offset of Migos are at the center of it. Both men have expressed their stance via social media this week, and it hasn’t let up yet.

Offset initially made the claim that  Migos are the biggest group ever in their Winter 2018 XXL Magazine cover story. When Layzie Bone caught wind of the claim, he posted a video, seemingly reminding Offset (and Instagram) about how respected Bone Thugs are as a group and also referenced other legendary hip-hop groups that he feels Migos can’t compare themselves to.

Layzie wasn’t finished yet though. Not long after, he posted another video in which he uploaded a video showing QC CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas stating Migos’ Takeoff reminded him of Bone Thugs when he discovered him. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


To that, Offset commented on the video, “Let’s have a bankroll challenge.” Layzie commented back saying, “#offsetyrn naw nigga, that’s what’s wrong with y’all niggaz. Y’all think money equals respect IT DOESN’T this is SKILLS CHALLENGE me against you my group against yours. Best group ever challenge get yow bars up youngin. You gone need that bread for early retirement Boy.”

Layzie proceeded back to his Instagram page and began to post various memes and freestyles of the Migos members, critiquing their flows and making jokes. In the caption, he made a kind of “warning” to the group, stating, “Nigga want it with me. Talking bout what I ain’t got. I don’t want yow money don’t need yow money Boy!!!! The spot you claimed is what I want. You thought you was dripping but imma squeeze til you Bone Dry. Boa constrictor flow?????? #teambone”


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I want y’all to see this shit @offsetyrn what nigga

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This debate seems pretty one-sided, as Migos and QC have responded very little. Before deactivating his Instagram, QC CEO Pee made one statement on his IG story: “Let the young niggas live challenge.”⠀⠀

Do we all REALLY have to go through this again?


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