LeBron James, Stephen Curry Secured The Top Two Spots On Forbes’ List Of NBA’s Highest-Paid Athletes

Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, and Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry are the highest-paid NBA players. 

James earned the top spot in Forbes’ list in the league. He made $88.7 million in the 2018-19 season, with $53 million from successful endorsement deals with Nike, Coca-Cola and Beats By Dre. LeBron also has a significant interest in Blaze Pizza. Curry, on the other hand, made $79.5 million with $42 million in endorsements.

As for Curry, he finished on the back burner for the second year in a row. His earnings of $79.5 million include $42 million off the court. Curry created his company SC30 last year to oversee his investments, endorsements, media business deals, and humanitarianism. The two-time MVP additionally developed a production company last year in Unanimous Media. This multiyear development deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment was signed in April.

After King James made his departure from the Cavaliers, he signed a four-year $154 million contract with the Lakers over the summer. Averaging 26.7 points, 8.6 rebounds and 7.4 assists per game throughout his first season with the Lakers. 

While Curry signed a five-year, $201 million extension with the Warriors back in July 2017.

Below is Forbes full 2019 list of the top 10 highest-earning NBA players:

1. LeBron James — $88.7 million

2. Stephen Curry — $79.5 million

3. Kevin Durant — $65 million

4. Russell Westbrook — 53.7 million

5. James Harden — $47.4 million

6. Chris Paul — $43.7 million

7. Giannis Antetokounmpo — $43.2 million

8. Damian Lillard — $41 million

9. Blake Griffin — $39.1 million

10. Paul George — $38.6 million

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