LeBron James Responds to Criticism About His Teammates’ Ages

Following the Washington Wizards‘ trade for Russell Westbrook, the Los Angeles Lakers needed a major roster overhaul.

Keeping hold of key players on the roster became more difficult when Los Angeles had over a dozen free agents available on the market. Due to the Lakers’ unwillingness to pay Alex Caruso, the Chicago Bulls signed him to a four-year, $37 million contract.

Los Angeles Lakers have signed several veterans to minimum contracts to round out their roster in anticipation of LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ championship window.

Westbrook and Bazemore are 32; Ellington is 33; Howard is 35; James, Ariza, and Marc Gasol are 36; Anthony is the most experienced at 37.

On Twitter, Lebron wrote in response to all the criticism about the player’s age:

Having a balance between older and younger players is certainly important. Davis, who is 28 years old, checks off that box as well. They also added young talent to the rooster as well with Malik Monk (23), Kendrick Nunn (26), and re-signed Talen Horton-Tucker (20).

With LeBron James still leading the way, Los Angeles has no choice but to put everything on the line to win its 18th championship title.

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