Georgia Family Releases Dashcam Footage of 2021 PIT Maneuver Crash That Killed 12-Year-Old, Calls For Officers To Be Charged [Video]

Georgia Family Releases Dashcam Footage of 2021 PIT Maneuver Crash That Killed 12-Year-Old, Calls For Officers To Be Charged [Video]

The family of a 12-year-old that was killed in a PIT maneuver crash released dashcam footage of the incident and is calling for law enforcement to be charged.

On Wednesday, Paulding County held a press conference to discuss the death of Le’Den Boykins.

In 2021, Boykins, along with another child, was inside a car that was being chased by authorities. The chase occurred after the driver, Charlie Moore, got into a heated argument with the police. The argument led to Moore driving away and law enforcement following close behind. Unfortunately, the state trooper performed a PIT maneuver in order to stop Moore from continuing on, but the car rolled into a ditch, killing Boykins.

During the press conference, Boykins’ parents said Moore “does bear some responsibility” but wants authorities to be held accountable as well.

Boykins’ father also mentioned the dashcam footage proving that the trooper knew the children were present in the car.

“When you see this dashcam footage, rest assured you will all know they knew that there were children in the vehicle,” his father said.

Unfortunately, the footage did not show the kids. However, the dispatcher’s audio proved deputies acknowledged and confirmed the children’s presence.

According to the trooper, the PIT maneuver was initiated because “The longer I waited to end the pursuit. The more the suspect would jeopardize the lives of innocent bystanders on the roadway.”

Georgia NAACP President Gerald Griggs also called for Georgia’s attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor for the case. Griggs claims the Paulding County District Attorney’s Office was not taking action against the trooper or deputies.

However, Paulding County’s current DA responded to Griggs’ statement saying his office has not received evidence proving charges against the authorities.

Nevertheless, the trooper involved in the crash was placed on administrative leave but later returned to work.

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