I was reading my Essence and it was an article about woman not letting men Wear The Pants written by a man.

The women of today are very independent. We make our own money and do practically everything without a man..even making babies.

I want to share with my BA fam what this guy had to say. He even said that women of other races (not black) let a man be a man.

Here are some excerpts:

When I was growing up, my dad was the head of our household and my mom followed his lead. When they disagreed, they talked it out, but he got the final say. Before you get all riled up, you should know I don’t expect that. I like an opinionated and independent woman. But I believe in compromise, and I take issue with ladies who aren’t willing to.

I remember my friend telling me about how she wanted new furniture. She made more money than her husband. He didn’t want to get it because he couldn’t afford it at the time but she could. She purchased the furniture anyway against his issues and it was a huge fight about it. I told her it made him feel less than a man. She said whatever…and that is what she wanted.

Remember on Girlfriends when Joan wanted some kitchen appliances but her soon to be husband couldn’t afford it. Same type of story…

Where does the compromise come in? Do we have to dumb ourselves down to tickle the balls of men?

Here is another excerpt:

Too many of the Black women I’ve dated wanted to call all the shots. Whenever I’ve tried to lead, I’ve repeatedly heard, “I’m not going to let a man run my life.” I do want someone who respects my opinion and wants to meet me halfway. I’d marry a woman who says, “Baby, why don’t we do things your way this time”

This sounds like he is stuck on the relationship that his parents had…

One more excerpt:

I’ve noticed that women of other races seem more willing to let a man be a man. But I’d prefer to find a Black partner to build my future with. And when I find her, I’ll treat her with the same love, care and respect that my dad showed my mom.

The last quote is a crock of shit..

I don’t know ladies…what do you think?

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