I was sent this video like it was breaking news. One of Shaq’s jumpoffs sent this to a gossip site. He apparently left a message on her phone (you can’t even understand what he is saying)…this is so damn sad. Attention Shaq’s jumpoffs..you will never be as famous as Tiger’s.

First and foremost fellas..stop fucking these silly bitches when you have a good woman at home. Stop embracing these stupid ass jumpoffs.

Secondly…to my jumpoffs (no judgment)..get money PERIOD. Why are you saving voicemails and text messages. What part of the game is that? Jumpoff means SECRET. You shut your mouth unless you have a dick in it…and you collect checks.

Third..death to these stupid ass reality shows focusing on jumpoffs. These shows are giving these hoes a platform to be even more ridiculous. They look like complete idiots..and now it’s documented for their children to see which is sad.

In conclusion…what you do in the dark will come to light. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT EVENTUALLY!!

Fuck #kazemi’s

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