Let’s Talk: Does True Love And Baggage Outweigh Money And Options?

Relationships are not easy and if someone has said the opposite they are either lying, confused, or never been in love. There will be times when you find yourself doing some of the dumbest sh*t ever without thinking twice about it, until you have had enough.

The topic came about while watching “Love Is…” and looking deeper into the show’s lead characters, Nuri and Yasir. While many of us love him, could you truly see yourself in Nuri’s position. How many times have you found yourself saying that you wouldn’t date someone with kids, no job, no place to stay and etc? Well, what makes this man different?

Life and relationships are very similar, especially when you describe the trials and tribulations you find yourself going through more than you would like to. But, do you pass on the person that could possibly be your destiny due to their hard times? I mean they are trying to better themselves but things aren’t looking up for them at the moment. Do you overlook what they are going through and try to support them until they are on their feet?

Although it seems like Nuri has it all together, we can see she doesn’t. Being with a broke aspiring writer has taught her the meaning of true love, friendship, and how to appreciate every downfall that will eventually turn into a moment of reflection. Yasir has given Nuri something that will last a lifetime, real love. He tells her what she doesn’t want to hear but finds herself repeating the very thing she rolled her eyes or turned her nose to.

Nuri doesn’t have to be with this guy at all. I mean let’s be honest, she has plenty of options knocking at her door but none of them have made her feel the way she does about Yasir, including the ex that decided to pop up because he heard that she moved on from him after cheating with multiple women. The ex is financially stable with a great job but there’s no connection like she has with Yasir. He wants to buy her the finer things but he has to realize you can’t buy love or trust.

In today’s society, people tend to think that the grass is always greener on the money side of things, but don’t know what it takes for that person to maintain the up keep of the lawn. Although Yasir can’t give her the things other people think she should have at the moment, he has given her so much more.

But I ask again, “Would you be able to accept a Yasir in your life knowing that he has baggage?”


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