Let’s Talk: Is It Necessary To Lie About Your Sexual Partners?

I recently saw an acquaintance post on their social media account that everyone lies about their body count. That got me to thinking about a previous article that I wrote asking, “Should a person’s body count matter in a relationship?”


Many stated that it shouldn’t matter, while others made it perfectly clear that it is a major turn off and could cause them to end the relationship.


When it comes to sex, you can never be too sure about a person’s body count. Men tend to over exaggerate while women tend to give or take a few. But, what’s the point in doing so? I’m not saying that you have to tell about everyone who has been in and out of your bedroom but if you are going to discuss, then why not speak the truth?


Why do we as women tend to cut our numbers in half? Why not stand by your actions? Either they’ll accept you or reject you. It’s unfortunate that society is so ass backwards and full of double standards that it’s somehow okay for men to have multiple sexual partners but as soon as a woman mention she’s slept with more than one person in her life, she’s a whore.


According to society, men are praised for sleeping with multiple women but when a woman sleeps with any man other than the one she’s supposed to marry, she’s trash or damaged goods. Hmm quite interesting.


So if a guy asks you how many guys you’ve slept with, do you keep it real and lay your hoe sh*t on the table or do you keep it cute and keep the numbers as low as possible? Honestly, you should keep it real no matter what. You can either handle their truth or walk away. Don’t want to know, then don’t ask! Simple right?

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