London High School Bans Expensive Canada Goose And Moncler Coats, “They Stigmatize Students And Parents Who Are Less Well Off And Struggle Financially”

A high school in northwestern England is attempting to relieve the anxiety of struggling to keep up with their wealthier classmates when it comes to clothes and accessories by banning expensive Canada Goose and Moncler Coats.

A letter was sent home to parents at the beginning of November, from the headteacher of Woodchurch High School in Birkenhead, explaining  that the ban would go in effect after Christmas as the school was “mindful that some young people put pressure on their parents to purchase expensive items of clothing.”

Head teacher Rebekah Phillips told CNN, “These coats cause a lot of inequality between our pupils. They stigmatize students and parents who are less well off and struggle financially.”

Approximately 46% of the 1,427 student body comes from a disadvantaged background. Phillips said her attempt to “poverty-proof” the school has been well-received by parents and students.

One parent, Andy Treanor, who is a civil servant, said the ban “did not matter” to him as “he would not spend that much on a coat” for his daughter anyway. A former student of the high school praised Phillips and said, “School should not be a place where students’ economic background is rubbed in their faces and distracts them from learning.”

What do you think about this school’s new policy? Do you think it would work in America? Speak on it!


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