Model Diet Tip #1 – Take a photo of yourself in a bikini every week to measure your progress (and keep you motivated!)

Model Diet Tip #2 – Keep healthy snacks in the house – sweet potatoes, low fat Jell-O and frozen fruit are good examples!

Model Diet Tip #3 – A thirsty body sometimes thinks it is hungry. When you get a hunger pang, try a glass of water first!

Model Diet Tip #4 – When you are hungry, try a coffee or a Diet Coke – both can make you feel more full!

Model Diet Tip #5 – Eat slowly! It takes a while for your stomach to tell the brain that it is full – give it some time!

Model Diet Tip #6 – Drink green tea between meals to curb your appetite. Keeping a box of teabags at work will help!

Model Diet Tip #7 – Drink lots of water! Your metabolism will not function without lots of water, so keep drinking!

Model Diet Tip #8 – Use mustard on your sandwiches – mayonnaise has little nutritional value and is loaded with fat!

Model Diet Tip #9 – Write a food diary – it will help you pinpoint where you can improve your diet.

Model Diet Tip #10 – Put a picture of you when you were skinny on the fridge, or the freezer where you keep the ice cream!

Model Diet Tip #11 – Find yourself a Diet Buddy – support each other, weigh each other once a week and compare notes!

Model Diet Tip #12 – Drink green tea or coffee before your meal in a restaurant – it helps you stay away from huge meals!

Model Diet Tip #13 – Do not fry your food! Baking, roasting or broiling are much healthier methods.

Model Diet Tip #14 – Switch to calorie-free diet sodas. Most normal sodas contain about 120 calories!

Model Diet Tip #15 – Cut down on the drinking! Alcoholic drinks are high calorie and have little nutritional value.

Model Diet Tip #16 – Use a list for your weekly shop, and try not to buy anything off the list.

Model Diet Tip #17 – Always eat breakfast, this will get your metabolism working and actually help you lose weight!

Model Diet Tip #18 – Chew sugarless gum between meals – it will help you to feel fuller.

Model Diet Tip #19 – Use chopsticks when you eat Asian food – it might help you to eat more slowly!

Model Diet Tip #20 – Take the skin off chicken before you eat it – this reduces the fat content by 75%!

Model Diet Tip #21 – Keep some freshly cut vegetables in the fridge – eat them with a light dip as a snack!

Model Diet Tip #22 – On days out, take a protein bar in your bag rather than buy chocolate from the deli!

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