Louisiana Father Fatally Shot By Teen Who Snuck In To See His Daughter

A Louisiana father and businessman is dead after confronting a teenager who snuck into his home to see his young daughter.

Dezmon Hamilton, 34, was fatally shot on July 18 after engaging in a shootout with Nicholas Mcquirter, 17. 

The two argued after a neighbor alerted the homeowner that someone was using a ladder to climb through a second-story window into his house. Hamilton discovered that the teen was there to visit his 14-year-old daughter.

Hamilton confronted the teen, and at some point, the argument turned violent. Both Hamilton and Mcquirter pulled out guns and started shooting at each other.

When police arrived on the scene, Hamilton had suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead. The teen was taken to an area hospital, where he has been hospitalized since Sunday.

Once Mcquirter is released from the hospital, he faces charges of second-degree murder, illegal possession of a stolen firearm, and illegal use of a weapon. 

Police Chief David McDavid said it is unclear who fired the first shot.

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