Love & Hip Hop NYC Season 3 Cast Revealed?

Emily, Chrissy, Jim & Mama Jones may not be on this season of Love & Hip Hop but that doesn’t necessarily mean the drama won’t be on and popping. Word on the streets is that there is a nearly revamped cast and they are all good for a little drama. I’m not going to do a full run down on each character until there is true confirmation on who’s doing the show but according to Diary of a Hollywood Street King, these are the faces we can expect to see gracing VH1 really soon! 

  • Joe Budden and his girlfriend Kaylin
  • Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend, Tahiry
  • Olivia Longott
  • Erica Mena
  • Rich Dollaz
  • Fabolous’s assistant, Winter
  • Raqi Thunda
  • Lore’l
  • Yandy and her baby daddy Mandeecess Harris
  • Consequence
  • Jen The Pen

Erica, Rich Dollaz, Yandy, Olivia and Winter have all made appearances last season.  Word is that Erica and Olivia aren’t hitting it off too great. Could it be due to Rich? “Tension between Olivia and Erica has led the pair to kick-off. And, there’s already been at least six incidents of bottles-throwing fights between some other cast members.” says a source to Jacky Jasper.

I don’t know about Yandy’s baby daddy Mandeecees with that legal tea someone dropped in the forum sometime ago. They may not want that getting out if it’s at all true. 

I had heard about Consequence & his girlfriend Jen The Pen’s involvement with the show several months back. Some of these other folks seem like filler. I mean, why else would Winter, Lore’l or Raqi be on the show? Rumors have also been swirling for a while regarding Joe Budden’s involvement. In a recent interview with Hot 93.7 Joey addressed those rumors. “They called me for season one,” he recalled. “I turned that opportunity down.” Of course things change right? “If Tahiri is on there, I’d expect to get a call,” he stated. “Tahiry is somebody I love, so I would do that.” Joe has also told me something similar jokingly saying that if Tahiry confesses her love for him, he’d do the show. So, I just had to ask Joe what we can expect from him on this season. All he could say was “You’ll be proud.” Having Joe, Tahiry and Joe’s new girlfriend Kaylin may end up being the highlight of the show.  Welp, let’s see what’s up Joe, I want to be the first to get an interview! 

So what do you guys think of the rumored cast? Do you think they’ll give Atlanta a run for their money? Guess we will see in December!

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