Love Of Sports Causes North Carolina To Repeal Bathroom Law

Following all of the backlash they’ve received from the NBA, NFL and NCAA, North Carolina lawmakers have voted to overturn their controversial bathroom law.


“For over a year now, House Bill 2 has been a dark cloud hanging over our great state. It has stained our reputation. It has discriminated against our people and it has caused great economic harm in many of our communities,” said Gov. Roy Cooper, who signed the measure into law on Thursday.


However, he says the new law is “not a perfect deal and it is not my preferred solution” because he wanted a law that would add protections for the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, with Republicans holding the majority, that wasn’t possible.


The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, also known as North Carolina’s House Bill 2 Law, was passed on March 23, 2016, with 32 in favor, 6 excused absences, and all 11 Democrats walking out in protest and not voting. The law basically stated that individuals could only use restrooms and changing facilities that corresponded to the sex notated on their birth certificates. Many felt this was a form of discrimination towards transgenders who have not, or were not allowed to change their sex on their birth certificate. It caused tons of backlash from celebrities, companies, and sporting events who refused to do business in the state.


Because the new deal still leaves regulation of bathroom access solely in control of the Legislature, it’s still facing some backlash from LGBT groups who say the new law is a “repeal” in name only and just a last ditch effort to get NCAA and other events to return.


“This so-called ‘deal’ is politics at its worst and was only made as the state faced losing key NCAA events and further economic damage. What we witnessed was a last-minute idea thrown together with little thought of protecting transgender residents,” GLAAD said.


ACLU says the bill still “fails to end LGBT discrimination.”



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