Man Cons Georgia Woman Out Of $80,000 After Getting Engaged One Week After Meeting

A Georgia woman claims she was conned out of more than $80,000 by a man she became engaged to a week after they met online, according to police.

Gwinnett County Police said the victim from Alpharetta, Georgia began talking to John Martin Hill, 35, on the online dating platform on March 27.

A week later the couple met in person, and the same day, they became engaged.

Hill told his new fiancée he was a millionaire. In turn, the smitten victim gave Hill more than $80,000 towards the cost of their marital home, but he ghosted her soon after receiving the money, authorities said.

According to NBC News, Hill was also wanted in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey for milking gullible victims out of money.

The suspect’s last known residence is an apartment in Duluth, Georgia with another woman and a child, where he had recently bought a 2014 BMW that he painted black, according to a subsequent investigation by Gwinnett County’s Electronic and Financial Crimes Unit.

Gwinnett County Police issued a warrant for Hill for theft by deception, which is a felony. He was arrested yesterday.

Gwinnett County
Gwinnett County Police

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