Baller Alert Exclusive: Luke James Talks Performing With Prince & Beyonce and More

Luke James is an incredible singer, songwriter, actor, and all-around entertainer. Hailing from New Orleans but now residing Atlanta, the “Go Girl” singer has created a name for himself, not only as a creative but as one of the sweetest souls in the industry. Most recently, he shut down the Troubadour in Los Angeles in perfect timing for the release of his new album, To feel love/d.

Baller Alert caught up with Luke for our latest episode of Sesh w/ Shirley, catching up at the Kandypens house in the Hollywood Hills.

Luke has been in the music game since he was a kid, even touring with the likes of Prince, Tyrese, and the queen Beyoncé. But, in an attempt to further break into the industry, the singer showcased his talent in the highest-rated BET series, The New Edition Story.

Speaking on his experience working on the series, Luke said, “It affected me in a way where it enabled people to see me. Those who didn’t know I was a singer, it acclimated them to my musical side — if they dove any deeper than just the show. Also, just the experience when you’re developing and creating the film, just having those moments with Babyface.”

Watch above as he discusses his time touring with Beyonce, working with Babyface, and ideal date night!

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