MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife, Donated $1.7 Billion Of Her Wealth Since Divorce; Gave $100 Million To Six HBCUs

MacKenzie Scott, former wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, reportedly donated about $1.7 billion of her wealth to more than one hundred nonprofit entities over the past few months.

Following the divorce settlement in 2019, Scott obtained a 4 percent stake in Amazon worth about $35 billion; that amount has skyrocketed since then, now totaling over $59 billion, according to Complex.

After the highly publicized split, Scott pledged to donate a generous portion of her money to charitable causes. Months later, Scott, the 18th richest person in the world, confirmed that she kept her promise.

“Last year, I pledged to give the majority of my wealth back to the society that helped generate it, to do it thoughtfully, to get started soon, and to keep at it until the safe is empty. There’s no question in my mind that anyone’s personal wealth is the product of a collective effort, and of social structures which present opportunities to some people, and obstacles to countless others.”

In a Medium blog posted on Tuesday, Scott listed the causes she supported within the past year. Historically Black Colleges and Universities were among the recipients.

Forbes reported that Scott donated over $100 million to six HBCUs.

Hampton University received $30 million, Howard University received $40 million, and Tuskegee University received $20 million.

The other three universities, Xavier University of Louisiana, Spelman College, and Morehouse, received an unspecified sized gift, the magazine reported.

The charitable donations come a year after Scott signed The Giving Pledge when she promised to donate a vast majority of her Amazon wealth away.

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