Macy Gray Sues Talent Agent For Fraud, Claims Agent Cost Her Thousands And Kept Her Away From Her Sick Daughter

Singer-songwriter Macy Gray is suing her talent agent who she says trapped her into going on tour instead of taking care of her sick daughter. 

Gray says she’s now out of thousands of dollars after her talent agency company, International Creative Management (ICM), went forward with signing her up for a tour that never made her money, according to court documents obtained by The Blast. 

Gray said ICM handled her concert bookings in 2016, and in turn, were paid a percentage of her earnings. In 2017, they suggested Gray participate in a European concert, and promised Gray would make around $500,000. When it was time for the concert to start, ICM still hadn’t come up with the entire $500,000 for the tour, even though she’d already paid $40,000 on the band and travel. 

Gray explained she never wanted to do the tour, and instead wanted to focus on her daughter’s – at the time – declining health. Gray said her agent even offered to give up 10 percent of his 20 percent commission if they weren’t able to come up with the full $500,000.

After the two-month tour, Gray still came out short in money, with an unpaid bill for her tour bus company. Now, she says her agent owes her $22,000. According to The Blast, Gray claimed ICM told her they would release the money if she extended their deal for a year. Gray was “absolutely floored” and said it was “an attempt to extort her” knowing she was under both “serious emotional and financial duress.” 

Gray said she is hurt that she had to miss caring for her daughter. Because of this,  she claimed to have suffered not only economic damages but also “extreme anxiety, panic attacks, humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress, sleeplessness, and discomfort.” She is now suing for fraud and demanding unspecified damages.

Macy Gray Sues Talent Agency
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