MAKIN GROUPIES LOOK BAD: Apparently ‘pull on my weave’….Phoenix feat Tameka Scott of Xscape….

Any brother who tries to pull on my weave will get bitch slapped. No seriously. Watch this mess…..

“You can blame Crunk & Disorderly for this one. This is a video from some ATL rapper name Phoenix featuring ex- Xscape member Tamika Scott called “Pull My Weave”. If I see one more 2 dollar video shot with a Canon Powershot A590 I’m gonna have to cut a bish! I can’t breathe…”

Tameka, are times that hard? Is life that bad? Do like ya girl Tiny and find yourself a baller if its that desperate. This video was not a good look for you at all ma…smh!

Weaved up thoughts?

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