Man Arrested After Flaunting New Machine Gun on Instagram Live

A D.C. man who decided to show off his brand new 9MM handgun on Instagram live on Saturday ended up promptly arrested by Metro Police who quickly tracked his location, federal court documents revealed on Tuesday.

Ryan Parker proudly flaunted his handgun modified with a “giggle switch,” which effectively converted a semi-automatic pistol into a machine gun.

Parker went live on Instagram and didn’t realize the cops were watching. D.C. Metro officers immediately recognized Parker, figured out his location, and promptly picked him up for a ride to jail.

The criminal complaint filed in D.C. Federal Court explained that when officers arrived on the scene “within minutes” of his live broadcast, they encountered Parker and noticed the handgun with a drum magazine “in plain view.” The weapon was found in the driver’s seat of a car that Parker was seen sitting in during his life.

“The firearm was determined to be an unserialized 9mm Personally Manufactured Firearm, commonly referred to as a ‘ghost gun,” the complaint stated, and was “loaded with one round in the chamber and 36 rounds in the attached drum magazine.”

Parker is currently in custody and does not yet have a lawyer listed in court records.

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