Man Charged With Felony After Allegedly Stealing Hundreds Of Blank COVID-19 Vaccine Cards

A man has been charged with allegedly stealing hundreds of blank COVID-19 vaccine cards from his place of employment.

45-year-old Muhammad Rauf Ahmed was charged on Wednesday with one felony count of grand theft after it was found that he was stealing hundreds of blank COVID-19 vaccine cards from the Pomona Fairplex mass inoculation site where he worked.

The man was a non-clinical contract worker from Las Vegas, according to KTLA. He was accused of stealing the cards on April 27.

On Tuesday, La Verne police expounded on the matter.“Detectives responded and determined that the suspect had stolen blank COVID-19 vaccine cards and put them in his car.” He added, “While conducting follow-up, detectives located more blank COVID-19 vaccine cards in the suspect’s hotel room.” Ahmed allegedly took a total of 528 cards, and each has a street value of $15.

“Selling fraudulent and stolen vaccine cards is illegal, immoral and puts the public at risk of exposure to a deadly virus,” District Attorney George Gascón said in a written statement.

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