Man Says God Made Him Murder His Grandfather With an Axe

A man in New Jersey brutally murdered his grandfather with an axe, claiming that he was carrying out God’s orders.

On Tuesday, a concerned relative phoned police to report that 21-year-old Jason Vicari had locked himself inside 81-year-old Ronald Vicari’s home in Elmwood Park. According to the caller, Jason was armed with a gun, and they could see Ronald lying on the bathroom floor with a significant head injury through a smashed window.

When Elmwood Park Police and Bergen County Regional SWAT Team responded to the home, they located Jason, who told them there was not “anyone alive” with him at the residence. Before further questioning, Jason stated, “God told me to do it.” As investigators moved inside the house, they located the elderly man deceased next to the ax’s head.

Jason also told police that he believed his grandfather was “a monster.”

Ronald was a telecommunications engineer, who his neighbor described as being “bright as they come.” The beloved man also served on the city’s planning board for more than thirty years.

“Ron was a really good man and a great neighbor,” the friend named Mola added. The two had lived near one another for over 50 years.

Jason has been charged with first-degree murder and weapon possession.

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