Man Scammed 92-Year-Old Woman Out Of 160 British Pounds For Fake COVID-19 Vaccine

Man Scammed 92-Year-Old Woman Out Of 160 British Pounds For Fake COVID-19 Vaccine

Now, this is just pathetic. A man posing as a health care worker in London tricked a 92-year-old woman into paying for a fake COVID-19 vaccine.

According to Huff Post, the man had the woman pay him 160 British pounds–$217—and jabbed her in the arm with a “dart-like implement” after visiting her home, London police stated.

The suspect told the elderly woman that the money would be reimbursed via the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, but that was a lie. To make matters worse, he went back to her home to get additional “payments” of 100 pounds.

Police are looking for the suspect and ask the public to help identify him.

As for the victim, she was “checked over at her local hospital and has suffered no ill effects following this encounter,” authorities reported. It’s unknown if she was injected with anything.

Detective Inspector Kevin Ives called the incident “a disgusting and totally unacceptable assault on a member of the public which won’t be tolerated.”

“It is crucial we catch him as soon as possible as not only is he defrauding individuals of money, he may endanger people’s lives,” Ives added.

The FBI has warned the U.S. that there may be multiple coronavirus scams going on and warns people to look out for people asking for money for the vaccine, early access to it, or participation in medical trials.

“We’ve been concerned about fraud schemes regarding the vaccine as soon as the vaccine went from an idea to reality,” Merrill told USA Today.

“The one thing that we’ve learned throughout this pandemic is that when there’s money to be made, criminals will figure out how to do it.”

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