Mariah Carey Hospitalized After Believing The Late Michael Jackson, Prince, And Whitney Houston Were Coming Over For Dinner


Mariah Carey recently admitted to having bipolar disorder in an interview, and according to The Blast, sources say the pop singer was once admitted to the hospital after a manic episode.


Sources say in 2016, father of Mariah’s two children, #NickCannon, called Carey’s former manager, Stella Bulochnikov saying that he was called by the star’s nanny about the episode. The nanny told Cannon that Mariah was “wearing a ball gown and a tiara” while wearing a ring-pop, alleging it was given to her by “the royal family.” Then Carey asked the nanny to get the children dressed for a dinner with #MichaelJackson, #WhitneyHouston, and #Prince.  All three icons were dead at the time of the incident.


According to sources close to the singer, once Mariah Carey’s team, including a psychiatrist, arrived, they were alerted that she needed to be taken to the hospital immediately.


Carey was placed on an involuntary hold at first, but was later released and continued her treatment at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  She was treated for weeks staying at the hotel, sometimes she was walked around the grounds accompanied by a doctor in scrubs.  She grew stable enough to go home, but once she got there she started to spiral and refuse to take medications again.

Bulochnikov’s lawyer claims that Mariah is a “train wreck”, and they may be using this story to help in her lawsuit against Mariah for termination without cause.

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