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Master P Talks “I Got The Hook Up 2″ and Tells Future Hip-Hop Stars To “Stop All This Beefin”

In less than a month, Master P is set to release the follow up to his 1998 comedy, “I Got the Hook Up,” in which he will reprise his role as Black, and it’s still a family affair. However, instead of working alongside his brother, C-Murder, Master P has summoned his children to star in the forthcoming film, and according to him, it’s going to be “way better” than the original.

“This has a message, even though it’s going to be funny. To be able to bring these social media stars, connect them with the Hollywood stars,” he said, as he listed the film’s stars. 

“It’s going to be crazy; it’s going to be hilarious,” P added. “But like I said, it got a meaning. This movie has a meaning,  that’s what’s going to be different. It’s about gentrification; it’s about ownership, it’s about taking control and having a business in the hood.”

Two decades after the original, Master P said it’s “time to laugh.” 

“I feel like this movie is about laughing,” P said. “We need some laughter; laughter heals all this negativity we been going through.” 

As he continued, he revealed the premier will kick off in New Orleans, bringing Hollywood to his hometown. From there, P opened up about his other business ventures, which included his new line of kicks. 

“I think the most important thing for me – that changed my life was about ownership. None of my family never had anything, and I said, ‘You know what, I need to be an entrepreneur,’” P said. “Everyone got 24 hrs, its what you do with your 24 hours. You gotta celebrate other people’s success, I started celebrating other people’s success, and I start being successful.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, P opened up about passing up on India.Arie and shared a few key pointers to future hip-hop stars. 

“Learn your business,” P said. “Get out there, know hip-hop business. Everybody want to be a star, everybody want to be famous. I passed up a million dollars when I got in this game – and I had nothing. To pass up some money to know your business, I turned that into hundred of millions.” 

“Stop all this beefing,” he continued. “You don’t need to be beefin…be bout your money.”

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