Matt Barnes Says He’s Not Trying To Send His Ex-Wife, Gloria Govan, to Jail, But Says Legal Battle Is Part of The Process

After countless victories in Matt Barnes’ legal battle against ex-wife, Gloria Govan, over custody and child support for their twin boys, Barnes is asking a judge to hold her accountable for her actions. 

On Wednesday, legal representation for both sides appeared in court to address the ongoing legal battle between the two. While there, Barnes’ lawyer, Larry Bakman, accused Govan of violating a restraining order his client filed against her last month. 

According to The Blast, Barnes said Govan texted the children on several occasions, initiated unmonitored FaceTime calls, used a tracking software to keep tabs on her kids, and more, raking up a total of 59 violations. Now, as a result, Barnes reportedly wants her thrown in jail. 

But, Govan’s attorney, Mark Gross, said Barnes’ allegations stopped short of a violation, especially since Barnes’ 18-month restraining order only keeps her away from him, not the kids, the Blast reports. 

As a result, Gross revealed to The Blast his plan to file a motion to dismiss.

However, after news surfaced of Barnes’ alleged demand to have Govan tossed in jail, the former baller took to Instagram to dispute the claim.

“That’s not true,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that it’s even got this far. You know we have to go through this court process but both of our main concerns right now is the boys happiness. Her and I are learning to co-parent, the boys are very happy. THey’re actually with her right now, but don’t believe everything you hear. It’s not true. Just a part of the process we have to go through, but definitely not trying to send the mother of my children to jail. Don’t believe that shit.”

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