MempHitz Goes In On K. Michelle! Says “I Made You!”

Looks like Memphitz is over K.Michelle’s antics and abuse allegations. Although she never mentioned his name on the show, she recently did a radio interview where she did indeed say Memphitz was the guy who she was referring to. Up until now he’s probably said a few subliminal things here but after getting fed up, Memphitz took to instagram to practically let K. Michelle have it!

Although this response is completely and utterly HILARIOUS, zbuse is no laughing matter and claims definitely shouldn’t be taken lightly. With that said, some of K. Michelle’s recent behavior makes me really question anything she says or does. If she was abused, which is possible, thats awful and I’m glad she’s getting to talk to someone. If she wasn’t and she’s just being her rumored crazy self, that’s terrible to slander that man that way.

Photo Source:Rasha

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