Men Are Groupies Too… Shar Jackson Spills The Tea

Shar Jackson Life After Kevin Federline

I was looking at Shar Jackson’s Life After Kevin Federline series on TVone and found it quite interesting. Shar comes off as a very strong and independent woman. In the video above she explains what happens to her and Kevin’s relationship. She was the down ass b*tch who was looking out for a man that didn’t have as much as her, they fell in love, and had kids. One night Kevin goes to a party meets Britney Spears and never came home again. That kinda reminded me of the movie Harlem Nights when dude called his wife and said he never came home because he got the sunshine of life. But why didn’t he come home? Was he a groupie or was it love at first sight?

He made a decision in one day to say fuck his family.

Check out the video and give your thoughts….

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