Michigan Pastor: ‘Get it, Get It Over With’; Tells Congregation to Catch COVID-19

People are outraged after learning a Michigan pastor told his congregation to catch COVID-19, saying that his November 14 sermon was just plain ol’ “irresponsible.”

Senior Pastor Bart Spencer of the Lighthouse Baptist Church said to his church members, “COVID, it’s all good. Several people have had COVID, none have died yet. It’s OK. Get it, get it over with, press on,” The Holland Sentinel reported.
A portion of that sermon made its rounds on Facebook—which recorded the pastor having a noticeable cough.

Many responded in outrage via social media. One person said, “Don’t be mislead by people like this! It is real, and it does kill! Protect yourselves!”

Spencer told the Grands Rapid Michigan news station, that he “would never” tell people to go get sick, but did say he’s not for people destroying their lives out of fear of possibly getting the novel virus.

The sermon is ill-timed, considering the daily death rates are around 193 as of Saturday. Michigan has recorded 395, 36 cases of the novel coronavirus and 9,854 deaths.

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