Minnesota Federal Prosecutors Charge A Third “Bugaloo Bois” Member Posing As A Black Lives Matter Protestor For Shooting Up Police Station

A man who described himself as a member of the extremist anti-government movement “Boogaloo Bois” was arrested and charged with participating in a riot, the Justice Department announced on Friday.

According to CNN, prosecutors said in a news release that Ivan Harrison Hunter, 26, was taken into custody on Wednesday in Texas as part of an FBI investigation into civil unrest that occurred in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd.

A federal criminal affidavit claims that Hunter was present between May 27-28 at the Minneapolis Police Department‘s Third Precinct when the building was set on fire during protests. The FBI also said it obtained video that showed Hunter firing 13 rounds from an AK-47 style rifle into the Third Precinct while people were inside the building.

After shooting at the building, the FBI said Hunter could be seen on video high-fiving another person and yelling, “Justice for Floyd!”

The FBI alleged in the charging documents that Hunter was also connected with Steven Carrillo another associate of the Boogaloo Bois movement who is charged with killing two law enforcement officers in California in late May and early June. They also claim to have proof of Hunter’s communication with Michael Solomon and Benjamin Teeter — two other self proclaimed supporters of the domestic terrorist group– who were charged last month with providing material support to the foreign terrorist organization Hamas.

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