M&M's Gives Its Characters A "Fresh, Modern Take" In New Redesign

M&M’s Gives Its Characters A “Fresh, Modern Take” In New Redesign

M&M’s is rebranding their famous M&M characters, changing them all slightly to align with today’s society. 

Mars announced on Thursday that the animated M&M crew would be kicking off the year with a “fresh, modern take” on their personalities to “underscore the importance of self-expression.” Looking at the characters before and after photos, most people will not see much difference in their overall appearance. However, each character’s shape has been redefined. Their color palette has also been enhanced, switching from the original tan color on their arms and legs to a lighter tint.

The story behind each character will also change. The Brown and Green M&M will be kinder to one another after being at odds in previous ads. The Red M&M will also have a change in attitude after being the bully of the crew for years. Mars is also sending a more all-inclusive message by removing each character’s prefixes to focus solely on “their personalities, rather than their gender.” 

“We’re on a mission to create a world where everyone feels they belong using the power of fun!” M&M wrote on a post promoting the new rollout.

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