Mom Discovers Vomit In Daughter’s Frontier Airlines Seat, Gets Arrested For Altercation With Flight Attendant

“#FrontierAirlines is DEAD WRONG FOR THIS! Never again!!” A Frontier Airlines passenger wrote after witnessing a mother being arrested and escorted off of a flight after a confrontation with a flight attendant about vomit in her daughter’s seat.

Rosetta Swinney of Durham, North Carolina, and her teenage daughter were flying from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina when Swinney says her daughter sat in a wet seat.

“(My daughter) jumped up to say mom! My hands are wet,” Swinney told WTVD. “She smelled it. She says ‘this is vomit, mom.’ So we went to look. It was on the bag, all over her shirt, her hands,” she said.

They immediately told flight attendants about the vomit, but Swimmey says the flight attendant in question didn’t try to clean up the mess or reassign their seats. However, Frontier released a statement that said the opposite.

The airline said in a statement, “The flight attendants apologized and immediately invited the mother and her teenage daughter to move to either end of the plane so that the seat area could be cleaned by a cleaning crew. The mother and daughter were also told that once boarding was complete they would be provided other seats if available. The daughter was also offered cleaning products for herself and invited to use the lavatory to wash up.”

Frontier’s statement continued, “The mother was unsatisfied with the response and became disruptive. As a result, the flight attendants determined that the mother and daughter should be deplaned and accommodated on another flight. The mother refused, and following procedure, law enforcement was called. Law enforcement then requested that everyone deplane so that the mother and daughter could be removed allowing the aircraft to be re-boarded and depart.”

Witnesses on the flight posted the incident on Facebook, many agreeing that more should have been done to assist Swimmey and her daughter’s accommodations on the flight.

One passenger posted, “Keep in mind there is an entire row (3) of empty seats in front of us. The attendant could have simply switched their seats and asked someone to come cleanup the vomit.”

Swimmey told the news outlet, “I felt humiliated. I felt more bad that my child had to see me be handcuffed and taken away from her.”

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