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Many of yall know that I’m a fan of higher education. I know that college is not for everyone but, according to, a college master’s degree is worth $1.3 million more in lifetime earnings than a high school diploma, according to a recent report from the Commerce Department’s Census Bureau. The report titled “The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings” reveals that over an adult’s working life, high school graduates can expect, on average, to earn $1.2 million; those with a bachelor’s degree, $2.1 million; and people with a master’s degree, $2.5 million. Persons with doctoral degrees earn an average of $3.4 million during their working life, while those with professional degrees do best at $4.4 million.

I work in the field of education and I receive emails about scholarship opportunities. Therefore, I decided to share them with my BA fam! Most of the opportunities are in the field of math and science. I know some of yall hate math. You think, “when am I ever gonna need this?” Well, you might need it to land a lucrative job. Read more of JustMe’s blog,

I understand that you want to study a major that you love. But is it gonna pay off? Cause $0 + $0 = Homeless. I’m just saying.

Also, for those who wanna take the easy way out, stop!! Challenge yourself. It’ll pay off!

Anyways, below, you will find links to scholarships from the National Science Foundation (NSF). When I was in graduate school, my classmate received a fellowship. It paid for her tuition for her PhD and she got a yearly allowance of $17K a year….just to go to school. (undergraduate) (graduate)

Here is the main site: You can click on your classification under “Special Programs”.

Also, there is the Newton Fellowship Program. The Newton Fellowship Program is designed for mathematically talented individuals who are interested in making a difference in the lives of young people. Fellows receive training and then are placed as high school math teachers in the New York City public schools. MfA offers its Fellows $90,000 in stipends, full tuition to a Masters in Education Program at one of MfA’s Partner Universities and on-going support services over the five years of the program. See for more information and application requirements.

I have also attached a document for other scholarships: scholarships.docx. There are many others out there. Check out this link too: Get that free money!! Good luck!!

Disclaimer: Let me say that education is not all about landing a great paying job. It’s about LEARNING and becoming more KNOWLEDGEABLE in many areas. A great paying job is the icing on the cake:) Also, study a major that you love! It’s not always about the money. But if you love money and your major lands you a job that doesn’t pay shit, I don’t wanna hear shit!

Also, it’s cute to get a few dollars from your baller. But it’s more cute to get $25k from the biggest baller (the government). Ballin!

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