My Open Letter To Judgmental H0es

Dear Judgmental Hoe,

It’s always the ones who have the most dirt that are quick to try and throw dirt at someone else. Haven’t you noticed? The chicks with more bodies than a morgue will be the first ones to call another woman a hoe. You date Ballers, She dates Ballers, why is she a groupie and you are not? Somehow the glass house theory has been completely lost.

Well if nobody ever told you, I’m here to tell you, take a look in the mirror hoe. It’s time to own your hoe’ness. Before you point fingers at the next women and her indiscretions, take a second to think about you. Can members of your community name at least 5 penises that have been within close proximity of your nether region? If so, you probably should avoid talking about the next woman. Do you only date “Ballers”? Do you accept flights, money and other expensive things from them? If so, you should refrain from calling the next woman a groupie because somewhere out there someone is throwing those same names at you. 

It wasn’t too long ago that you were doing the same hoe shit that you’re judging another woman for doing. It’s safe to say that when a hoe calls another hoe a hoe, she’s trying to forget about her own faults. It takes the attention off herself to pick on and bully someone else. Sad world we live in really. Isn’t it so much easier to try and teach than to belittle? You know what they say though, misery loves company and these hoes hate to admit they’re just as loose as the next one. This isn’t a rant blog, it’s more of an opportunity to evaluate one’s self. Nobody’s perfect, of course. Everyone is guilty of bashing someone, sure. I’m just here to help you bash yourself a little bit while you’re at it. Never forget that day you were on LSA, MTO and whatever other gossip rags that drug you through the mud. Never forget the day Twitter exposed all your flaws and left you vulnerable, no matter how hard you tried to hide it, you were hurt. Never forget to Remember. You were once there too.

With Love,

– Eleven8.

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