NBA Draft Hopeful Refused To Give San Antonio Spurs His Cell Number

Ohio State forward and NBA Draft hopeful, DeShaun Thomas, refused to give the San Antonio Spurs his cell phone number when they asked for it at the NBA Pre-draft Combine. I assume this is like refusing to give a potential employer your contact information and completely blowing your chances of employment with that company. So Weird! 



Thomas said teams asked him plenty of difficult and interesting questions during his interview process at the combine. But the most interesting, he said, was the fact the Spurs’ first question was for his cell phone number and his e-mail address. He gave them the e-mail, but not the phone number.


“I can’t go around giving it out to everyone,” Thomas said Thursday with a laugh. “Now if they want to draft me, I’d be happy to give it to them.”


You Ballers will give your phone number to any Groupie chick on Twitter and Instagram but NOT to a multi-million dollar franchise that may want you to play on their team? That makes a whole lot of sense. Here’s hoping someone drafts you at all.

What do you think is the real reason Thomas didn’t want to give the Spurs his number?

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