NBA Player Anthony Davis Endorsement With Frito-Lay’s Ruffles To Put Out New Chip Flavor

Anthony Davis may be an NBA star, but he’s proving he can successfully venture off into other businesses with his endorsement with Frito-Lay’s Ruffles.

The Los Angeles Lakers star and his partnership with the company will soon see a new flavor, Ruffles Lime and Jalapeno, distributed in stores.

Davis, 26, helped pick the flavor alongside the company and was also there to help announce the brand new product at the unveiling event which took place in Los Angeles.

Davis expressed his excitement about his involvement in the process saying, “From behind the scenes of sneaker creation to the art of potato chip flavors to the design process of chip packaging, it’s a real win to have a partner who’s so committed to creating new unexpected experiences for fans.”

The new chips will also consist of a limited-edition packaging design, that will each feature Davis’ face, according to Fox Business.

Ruffles, owned by PepsiCo, also plans on giving away the new chips to social media users. But for everyone else, they’ll have to wait until they hit stores nationwide ‪on Feb. 3.‬

The chips will come in an 8.5-oz bag and be sold for $4.29.

“I can’t wait for everyone to get a taste – literally – of the latest chapter of my Chip Deal with Ruffles, my lime & jalapeno signature flavor,” David said

Sadira Furlow, VP of marketing for North America’s Frito-Lay establishment, spoke highly of Davis and his “commitment to impact beyond the court and bringing fans something unprecedented from a potato chip brand,” and also explained how they came up with the flavor stating, “With the launch of Ruffles Lime and Jalapeno, we translated Davis’ energy and originality into an incredible potato chip flavor that is undoubtedly one of the most innovative flavors in ruffles history.”

Anthony Davis Endorsement Deal
Photo by Ruffles

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