Understand a Baller's Needs before his Desires if You want to be Around for a While. Part 3

Understand a Baller’s Needs before his Desires if You want to be Around for a While. Part 3

Need #5: Men Need A Woman Who Allows Him To Be Weak

If I had a nickel every time I heard a woman say, “I want a strong man” I would be rich.

I understand why the statement is made. However, many women forget or just overlook many things that affect men everyday. It’s the same things women go through!

Outside of the house a man is bombarded with pressure to be a man. Society doesn’t allow men to be weak at work or in public. So, he must “appear” strong even if he isn’t or doesn’t want to be.

For some men it takes work to appear strong. For others it takes a toll on them mentally.

After being strong all day, when he comes home he wants to relax and be weak. That’s his way of rejuvenating himself.

He doesn’t want to make decisions, be bombarded with questions or anything. He just wants to relax and talk. Or maybe not talk.

He may not tell you he’s tired of being strong. He’s tired of trying to fit in when he doesn’t. He thinks you will see him as being weak.

Every man, at one time or another, will get sick and tired of trying to fit in and being strong. They will need a woman who will allow them to be weak. Will that woman be you?

The best example I can give you is being a parent.

As much as you love your children, sometimes you are sick and tired of being “mommy!” You just want a break to rejuvenate. Time to be with yourself.

That’s how many men feel when they step outside of the house! They want a moment where there’s nothing called responsibility.

If you can be the woman who allows your man to be weak he’ll appreiciate you so much more!

Need #6: Men Need A Woman Who Strokes His Ego
This is probably one of the most overlooked and underutilized tactics every woman could use to boost their mans ego and confidence.

First, let me say that you do not have to lie to boost your mans ego. Just state the truth.

If you know your man is a good provider compared to other men, let him know that you appreciate him and what he does!

If your man is a good lover, then tell him how wonderful it feels when you two make love!

If you get turned on thinking about your man, tell him!

If your man has dreams, is working toward them and you truly believe he will achieve them, tell him!

If he looks sexy in that suit or in his boxers, tell him!

Stroking a man’s ego can lead to better sex or lovemaking, him spending more time with you, better communication, doing more around the house, and much, much more!

It is a very simple yet rarely used. Your man can apply this ego stroking with you and it will work too.

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