New Recording Reveals Teacher Begged Father Of 13-Year-Old Boy She Molested Not To Call Police

28-year-old Brittany Zamora is currently serving a 20-year sentence after a guilty plea for sexually abusing her 13-year-old student, in which she apologized profusely for and asked the victim and his family for their forgiveness.

Zamora was convicted of three felony charges: sexual conduct with a minor, molestation of a child and public sexual indecency. Now, a self-incriminating recording has been revealed confirming why Zamora’s charges should stick.

In the newly-released recording made before her arrest, the former teacher tries to avoid jail time by begging the victim’s father to settle the matter without involving the police. “Can you explain to me, can we meet to talk about this? Something we can settle outside?” she asked the victim’s father during a phone call released by police.

According to People, the father was not receptive on the call. He replied to her suggestion, “Oh yeah?” he said sarcastically. “That’s what we can do, so I can give you a chance to do it to some other kid.”

Later in the call, Zamora puts her husband on the phone, who tells the victim’s father that he doesn’t believe the two didn’t have sex. “You’ll learn the truth in a few short days,” the father says.

He continued, “Your wife decided to be a monster and prey on a child; she scarred my son mentally,” the father says. “Do you understand what a 13-year-old boy did having sex with a teacher? Do you get that at all? You’re asking me to forgive.”

The case began in 2018 when the victim’s stepmother noticed he was acting suspiciously and wanting to shut his door at night. She installed a parental monitoring app called “Sentry” on his phone and subsequently began getting alerts containing inappropriate texts.  She confronted the boy, who admitted to sexual contact with Zamora, then called police shortly after.

The parents of the 13-year-old have filed a lawsuit against the school district and Zamora’s husband. Zamora herself will be on probation for the rest of her life and must register as a sex offender after her 2038 release date.

Listen here.

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