New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces 2020 Presidential Run

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces 2020 Presidential Run

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced he’s running for 2020 Democratic presidential primary and didn’t hesitate to start taking aim at the current president, Donald Trump. de Blasio is now the 23rd Democrat to go up against Trump in the next presidential election.

In his announcement video, de Blasio called Trump a “bully, and in an interview with ABC, he said the President is “playing a big con on America.” De Blasio said, “Every New Yorker knows, he’s a con artist. We know his tricks; we know his playbook.”

The two-term mayor of New York already has changes in motion, including universal Pre-K and his successful push for $15 minimum wage. He said, “I know we can do it because I’ve done it here in the largest, toughest city in this country.”

De Blasio has faced criticism and mockery from New Yorkers since he’s been in the Mayor’s seat; a recent poll of New Yorkers found 76% of voters didn’t think he should run. Now he has to transform those perceptions on the national stage.

Outside of New York, de Blasio is expected to gain a lot of progressive policy wins supported by a racially diverse coalition in a city with more residents than that of his opponents home states. His first campaign for mayor harbored a lot of skepticism and doubt from voters, and now with his presidential ambitions, he’s being met with some hostility as well.

Bill de Blasio’s former aide Rebecca Katz told CNN, “I think Bill de Blasio has a toxic relationship with the press corps that covers him. It goes both ways. And that’s going to make it very hard for this run because wherever he will be, whatever small town in Iowa or New Hampshire, he will have NY1 and the New York Post front and center. Whether he likes it or not.”

New Yorkers, do you have an opinion on Bill de Blasio replacing Donald Trump as the president?

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