Oakland Community Comes Together To Organize “BBQ’n While Black” Festival to Spite “BBQ Becky” In Fight to “Live Within The Law”

Earlier this month, a white woman, who has since been dubbed ‘BBQ Becky’ called the police on a group of Black people for #grillingwhileblack. Since then, the woman has become an Internet sensation, (because Black people play all day).

In fact, BBQ Becky has been photoshopped into Black history, calling the cops on all of our Black leaders in their respective circumstances, from Rosa Parks on a city bus to President Obama in the Oval Office. However, amid the laughter was much frustration over the constant criminalization of melanin magic. As a result, many returned to the scene, where Dr. Jennifer Schulte stood and harassed a group of Black people for two hours over charcoal.



On Sunday morning, hundreds gathered around the shore of Lake Merritt and fired up several grills to kick off the “BBQ While Black” festival. According to the SF Chronicle, in preparation for the festival, organizer Logan Cortez sent out a flyer, which quickly spread around town, as people even offered their own services, including security, clean up and music.



Cortez also applied for city permits and spent $700 dollars of her own money, along with a friend. After a few hours, the festival turned into a large street party with thousands.



“Unlike the civil rights movement, we aren’t fighting for our rights,” Cortez said. “Now we’re fighting for the right to simply live within the law.”


??? #bbqbecky somewhere heated

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