Police Officer Running For Houston Mayor Charged with Domestic Abuse

Police Officer Running For Houston Mayor Charged with Domestic Abuse

A Missouri City police officer just became ineligible to run for Houston mayor after she was charged with domestic assault-family violence.

Robin Williams faces allegations of domestic violence from two different situations using her baton and Taser on her boyfriend. She was taken into custody on Tuesday.


Last spring, Williams launched a bid campaign to run for Houston mayor. However, she is now accused of beating her boyfriend, which was caught on camera.

Her bond has been set for $15,000, and she cannot have contact with her boyfriend, cannot possess a firearm, and her concealed carry permit has been suspended.

On New Year’s Eve, police arrived at Williams’ home after getting a phone call about a domestic disturbance in the house. The victim told officers that Williams arrived home early that day. The two got into a heated argument resulting in Williams punching him in the mouth, where he started to bleed.

The victim also has a video of an incident on Aug.4, showing the Missouri City police officer yelling at him from her car, then getting out to beat him with her baton. He apparently broke her phone, which she hit several times with the baton in the body and legs while he recorded.

Another argument happened in August. Following an argument, Williams ran into the bedroom, got her Taser, and shot him with it, according to court documents.

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