Oklahoma Man Arrested After Shooting Woman For Snatching Nazi Flag From His Yard

Written by: @kristenshylin_

The 26-year-old woman endured four gunshot injuries while attempting to flee Alexander Feaster’s home after removing his Nazi flag from his front yard.

The woman had attended a party in the neighborhood when she decided to take two flags from Feaster’s home, Garfield County Sheriff’s office confirmed.

BBC News reported that Feaster fired multiple shots at the young woman using a semi-automatic rifle.

A friend of the victim told the Enid News and Eagle that Feaster’s flags were “a cause for concern.” Feaster’s neighbor told a local radio station that the young woman is not the first person to remove Feaster’s flag from his yard. Several people have snatched the flags down within the past year.

”I feel like these flags are a disaster waiting to happen, the friend said.

NBC News shared an affidavit that revealed “several” cameras on Feaster’s property proved the 44-year-old man fired shots on the woman “without warning.”

Neighbors intervened to form a barricade between Feaster and the young woman until authorities arrived. Upon arrival, police found the woman lying in the ditch with gunshot wounds in her back, Sheriff Jody Helm said.

Luckily, she is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries, and Feaster is currently being held in custody as he waits to appear in court on July 9.

Feaster faces charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and shooting with intent to kill.


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