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More details are emerging following the tragic incident that left 50 dead and 53 injured in Orlando, FL. Many have questions as to why Omar Mateen would do such an act.

The Washington Post, spoke to the ex-wife of Omar Mateen who was willing to share stories about her life with Mateen as long as she was kept anonymous.

Things weren’t always bad between the two. They met online about eight years ago, and she moved to Florida to marry him in March 2009. At first, everything was fine.

“He seemed like a normal human being,” she said, adding he wasn’t very religious and that he liked to workout at the gym often. She also shared that he owned a small-caliber handgun and worked as a guard at a juvenile delinquent facility near their home. He planned to become a law enforcement officer, but it never panned out. 

Then things changed, Mateen’s ex-wife described him as violent and unstable. “He was not a stable person. He beat me. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that,” she told The Washington Post.

As things got bad and her family became aware, they moved her out the home leaving her personal items behind. The two formally divorced in 2011.

Mateen’s ex-wife said his family was from Afghanistan, but he was born in New York. His family later moved to Florida. “He was a very private person,” she said.

Following news of today’s events, she said: “I am still processing. I am definitely lucky.

A friend of Mateen’s was also interviewed, saying that following the divorce, he became quite religious, however if Mateen had sympathies for the Islamic State or other terrorist groups, he kept that to himself.

“He never spoke about that stuff,” the friend said.

His father tells NBC News that Mateen had a 3 year old son.

Source:The Washington Post

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