I’m starting to hate these reality shows. Omarosa is looking for a husband love in a new reality show called “Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger”.

On the show, Omarosa will put a cadre of 12 hot, successful bachelors through a gauntlet of tests. These challenges are designed to play upon their weaknesses, test their business acumen, measure their seductive strengths, and draw out their true intentions. But these guys will fight back, and Omarosa may just meet her match. But this is all a part of the love dance… and viewers will get to see what happens when “sharks” mate.

Now this is the funny part. I know two of these dudes on the show.

One is Lyle a lawyer from DC.

If you have been a member of Baller Alert since day one then you know who this is. I posted a blog on him back when BA was on wordpress of him being a male groupie. When I launched Baller Alert my boy TC wrote a story on baller alert and this guy in turn writes how baller alert will fail, and how it is a dumb idea. When I seen him in Miami he apologized.. but the next day he asked to get in free in the club. You know how that go.

Allegedly he was pillow talking and told someone he won the show and is suppose to get a spin-off. I guess he dumps Omarosa at the reunion show or something.

Here is a sneak peak:

Funny…is he crying?

The second dude is Miami’s own Michael Madd

When I first launched BA..he called it corny. I contacted promoters all around the country and a friend of mine told me to contact him. After I called him and told him my vision for the baller alerts he acted like he was cool with it. In turn he calls my friend and talked about how corny it was. After all that he started texting me the celebs that were coming to his clubs. SMH.

It’s hilarious to me that both of these people who attempts to shit on someone elses dreams are competing for the love of Omarosa LMAOOOOOOOOOOO – whoring for fame. GTFOH

It’s airing in June on TV One…

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